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Welcome to Birds, Bugs 'n' other Critters

My name is Erica Siegel, birds have been my special love since moving into my present Redland home 20 years ago. There were birds in the 21 hectares of bush next door I  had neither seen or even knew existed. Different native species all around on a daily basis. Then 1  years later the bulldozers arrived, cleared most of the bush for housing and the little birds all disappeared, some right away, others like the Double-barred Finches and a pair of White-throated Honeyeaters hung on for another 18 months but one day they too were gone. It truly was paradise lost.

Then a few years ago I took up art again and started to paint the little birds I no longer see and dearly miss.   


Out of this grew a need for reference photos and therefore a need for  photography.

This quickly grew into a passion, not only for recording the birds I saw but I discovered the small creatures we walk past each day without even knowing they are there or considering them worthy of a closer look. So I started recording the small creatures I saw.                                                                   


This led to wanting a place for these recordings and to be able to share then with others interested  in our wonderful creatures, great and small.

I mentioned I would like to have my own website for permanently recording my sightings of birds and other critters to Jim Bennett, administrator of British Isles Wildlife Forum, and no sooner said and he started designing a website! His first ever and what a great job it is too! I'm deeply indebted to Jim, whom I have never met. He not only designed this website but taught me via skype what to do and how to do it so I could fill the pages with the images I prepared following  emailed instructions from my friend Pia, from the camera club. Thank you, Pia !

My thanks go to Nick Monaghan ( www ), passionate amateur entomologist and macro photographer, who generously gave his time to identify some of the insects I photographed and I also take this opportunity to thank the staff from Queensland Museum for identifying a variety of my insects and critters, their ongoing help is much appreciated.

Boyd Essex from Redlands IndigiScape Centre, who can call a bird out of the trees, deserves credit for many of the bird sightings recorded during the monthly bird walks in various Reserves of Redland City.

These web pages are a work in progress, as I see and photograph more birds and other critters I shall post them here, so do come back to see what else I have found.

Be aware that I am not an expert in ornithology, entomology or a professional photographer. I am a wildlife photo enthusiast and   record, as best as I can, at that moment, what I see in the Redlands and on my travels and try to be as accurate as I can with identifications.

Check out My Favorites here you can find some of the images I sell and/or use in National and International photo competitions.

All images are my own work and copyrighted. If you would like to use one for a project please contact me.

      I hope you enjoy visiting Birds, Bugs 'n' other Critters.

You can find me at The College Market, School Rd Capalaba Qld

                                       Every second Sunday.

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